Art Gallery of Peterborough
Feasibility Study, Peterborough, ON | 2014 (w. Lundholm Associates)

Barrie Fire and Emergency Services Headquarters
$12m | 2011 | LEED Silver (w. Salter Pilon Arch.)

Barrie City Hall Renovations
Barrie, ON | $350k | 2014

Barrie Main Branch Library Renovations
Barrie, ON | $300k | 2012

Barrie Operations Centre Renovations
Barrie, ON | $1m | 2013

Barrie Roofing projects
Barrie, ON | $2m | 2012

Cavan-Monaghan Recreational Master Plan
(w. Re-Think Group) | 2014

Fairhaven 256-bed LTC Facility, Peterborough, ON, $21m, 2004 (w. Salter Pilon Architecture)

Grey Bruce Health Unit
Owen Sound, ON | $14m | 2009 | LEED Gold (w. Salter Pilon Architecture)

Haliburton EMS Station Design-Build Concept
Minden, ON | $2m | 2013

Mady Centre for the Performing Arts
Barrie, ON | $5.5m | 2011

Orillia Firehall
Design-Build Concept, Orillia, ON | $6m | 2013

Peterborough Airport Office and Hangar
Concept Design, Peterborough, ON | 2014

Peterborough Clerk’s Office Renovations
Peterborough, ON | $500k | 2016

Peterborough Council Chambers Renovations
Peterborough, ON | $500k | 2013

Peterborough County City Health Unit
Peterborough, ON | $2m | 2015

Peterborough Courts Expansion Feasibility Study
Peterborough, ON | 2014

Peterborough General Committee Room Renovations
Peterborough, ON | $350k | 2014

Peterborough King Edward Park Washroom Pavilion
Peterborough, ON | $350k | 2016

Peterborough Legal Department Renovations
Peterborough, ON | $150k | 2014

Peterborough Millenium Pavilion, Peterborough, ON, $600k, 2000

Peterborough Museum and Archives
Peterborough, ON | $3.5m | 2014

Peterborough POA Courts
Feasibility Study, Peterborough, ON | 2014

Peterborough Social Services Renovations
Peterborough, ON | $2m | 2015

Peterborough Transit Department Renovations
Peterborough, ON | $1.3m | 2015



Durham College Greenhouse Design-Build Concept
Whitby, ON, 2013

Lakefield College School Academic Master Plan
Lakefield, ON, 2011

Lakefield College School Bryan Jones Theatre
Lakefield, ON, $3m, 2004

Lakefield College School Colebrook Residence Renovations
Lakefield, ON, $350k, 2001

Lakefield College School Infrastructure Standards
Lakefield, ON, 2012

Lakefield College School Learning Common Renovations
Lakefield, ON, $500k, 2016

Lakefield College School Master Plan
Lakefield, ON, 2000

Lakefield College School Ondaatje Residence Renovations
Lakefield, ON, $350k | 2001 and $400k | 2013

Lakefield College School Ryder Residence Renovations
Lakefield, ON, $450k, 2001

Lakefield College School Uplands Residence
Lakefield, ON, $4m, 2015

Lakefield College School Waterfront Master Plan
Lakefield, ON, 2011 (w. Basterfield & Associates)

Ryerson University & George Brown College Centre for Studies in Community Health
Toronto, ON, $14m, 2002

Ryerson University School of Continuing Education
Toronto, ON, $12m, 2004 (w. RDH Architects)

Seneca College School of Aviation
Peterborough, ON, $9m, 2014

Trent University Bagnani Hall
Peterborough, ON, $1m, 2009

Trent University Bata Library Renovations
Peterborough, ON | $500k, 2003 and $1m, 2007

Trent University Earth Sciences Building Renovations
Peterborough, ON, $1m, 2009

Trent University Lady Eaton College Renovations
Peterborough, ON, $1m, 2004 and $1m, 2008

Trent University Water Quality Lab
Peterborough, ON, $300k, 1999

Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Music
Concept Design Study, Waterloo, ON, 2014 (w. John MacDonald Architect)



Barrie Humane Society Adoption Kennel Redevelopment
Barrie, ON, $150k, 2015

Beth Isreal Synagogue Renovations
Peterborough, ON, $300k, 1999

Hospice Peterborough Leasehold Improvements
Peterborough, ON, $100k, 2002

OSPCA Dog Rehabilitation Centre and Humane Society
Peterborough, ON, $10m, 2017

Riverview Park and Zoo Welcome and Education Centre
Peterborough, ON, $600k, 2015

Salvation Army Temple Addition and Renovations
Peterborough, ON, $1m, 2004

Shaw Festival Royal George Theatre Renovations
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON, $500k, 2009