PROGRESS: Beavermead Pavillion

The new comfort station at Beavermead Campground in Peterborough, designed by our architect Amanda Motyer, has started construction!

Gerr Construction Ltd. started demolition of the existing comfort station on Tuesday, and has already excavated and is currently working on formwork for the footings.

The construction start was delayed by a low weight limit on the bridge used to access the campground. This culvert had to be reinforced with temporary shoring in order to support the additional weight from construction vehicles.

Like our recent washroom pavilion in Nicholls Oval Park that was also designed by Amanda, the comfort station has been designed to be inclusive. In addition to a number of individual washrooms and shower rooms, it will include an accessible washroom, accessible shower, family shower, and a dishwashing and laundry room.

The new comfort station will be up and running for the 2020 camping season. We are looking forward to seeing it take shape!