North Hastings Community Hub

Earlier this week our design of the North Hastings Community Hub was presented to the Town of Bancroft Council and the community.

This new four-story, 27,135 sq. ft. mixed-use building includes thirty affordable housing units, with nine accessible units and a new 4,000 sq. ft. space to house the North Hastings Public Library. The building will create a public promenade, connecting Cleak Avenue with Hastings Street N and provide a public square to the front of the main entrance.

The Bancroft and North Hastings region has one of the most diverse geological deposits in the entire world, and is known as the “Mineral Capital of Canada.” Wanting the new Community Hub to exemplify this facet of the region, we’ve incorporated gabion baskets filled with local stone into the building’s ground floor facade, contrasted by the light upper cladding. We look forward to bringing this project to life and seeing it serve the needs of the residents and visitors of North Hastings.