Monarch Ultra

At Lett we continually strive to find sustainable solutions in all our work. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the magnitude of a changing climate, however, there is poetic strength in the monarch butterfly that gives hope and inspiration. A species so delicate miraculously has the power to travel 4,300km each year. The Methuselah generation can selectively stop and start its reproductive cycle and live six lifetimes longer than all its predecessors to make the journey.

Michael, Bill, Gleb, Kelvin, and Scott (left to right)


Lett is a key sponsor for the inaugural Monarch Ultra– an ultra relay that will shadow the migratory path of monarch butterflies from Peterborough Canada to the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico. Our team is honoured to have had the opportunity to participate in the first flight – joining the first ultra runners as they start their journey across North America!