Lakefield, ontario

Completed in 2015, the Uplands Residence sets a new standard for student residences at the Lakefield College School.  The building has been designed to LEED Gold standards, not only for its environmental sustainability, but also for the level of comfort it provides to the students who live there.  The building uses a unique de-centralized cassette HVAC system that allows each dorm to have individual heating and cooling control.

Every room within the building has access to daylight and operable windows for natural ventilation.  Even the internal corridors feature clerestory windows and internal light wells that allows natural daylight to filter throughout the building and reduce the need for artificial light. The project evolved from conception to tender within a year and came in under budget.  The new Uplands Residence opened its doors on time in August 2015, ready for the first cohort of students and was certified LEED Gold in the fall of 2016.

Uplands Residence is one of the most contemporary residences that I’ve seen across Canada and even North America

John Runza – Assistant Head, School Life, Lakefield College School

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