Noblegen Purification


noblegen purification

peterborough, ontario

Integrated into the natural landscape surrounding Trent University, the NobleGen research and production facility will be the incubator for biological research that solves some of the world’s greatest problems.  Led by Adam Noble, the highest awarded youth scientist in Canadian history, this facility will be the anchor tenant in Trent University’s 85-acre CleanTech Commons which aims to become Canada’s premier green technology research and innovation site. 

This is not a typical industrial production facility. When operational, the facility will have the ability to consume carbon dioxide as opposed to producing it.  Inspired by the topography in which it sits and the organic movements of the microorganisms that it houses, the building mimics naturally occurring forms.  The program is stacked and built into the side of a drumlin, being respectful of the land and reducing its overall footprint.  A screen-like skin filters direct sunlight, limiting the effects of solar heat gain.  An extensive green roof integrates the building into the landscape, allowing it to benefit from the cooling effects of the earth.  Excavated soil is redistributed on-site to create ramped access to every floor within the building from the surrounding landscape.   

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