Hospice Peterborough


hospice peterborough

peterborough, ontario

Hospice Peterborough is a 16,000 sq.ft. care facility focused on quality of life.  The building provides community hospice services for those who are impacted by critical illness or death, as well as, a residential hospice that provides a peaceful setting for end of life.  The building and the care provided within, strive to address all aspects of well being – physical, psychological, social, spiritual, cultural and practical.

The design focusses on the experience.  Visitors are greeted through a common lobby from which there are a number of comfortable meeting spaces and quiet places to gather, connect and share in a home-like setting.  Daylight penetrates into every room with curated views to the exterior from each of the 10 patient beds.  The building extends its walls to create hidden courtyards and program areas that blend the natural surroundings with the interior.  For Hospice Peterborough it was important that everyone leave the building the same way they came in – including those who have passed.  As such, the lobby was designed to accommodate a procession and celebration of life that terminates at a tranquil oasis room for family and loved ones to gather.

The exterior of the building is designed to honour the historic Langton House that once occupied the same site.  The roof pitch and gables mimic the original structure; seamlessly knitting itself into the surrounding fabric and aesthetic of the neighbourhood.  In this sense, the new Hospice Peterborough stands as a reflection of the past and a testament to the rippling effect it has on our present and future.

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