Grand Opening of Ross House & Parent House

Our team recently enjoyed attending the official opening of the Ross and Parent Houses at Lakefield College School (LCS). This is the first building onsite with dual student residences under one roof. The 28,000 sq. ft. building was designed to accommodate fifty-six boarding students, two dedicated day student spaces, two private head-of-house residences, two don apartments, as well as all the supporting infrastructure for two houses.

Ross and Parent Houses are nestled into a hillside within the surrounding landscape. The four-storey building appears as two-storeys when approached from the heart of the campus, allowing it to integrate harmoniously within the entire site. Planning for Ross and Parent Houses began in 2018 and were designed with LCS’s integrated house model in mind. This means the residence will help to facilitate and support health, well-being, diversity, equity, inclusion, leadership, character and values of the school.

The houses were designed with regenerative building practices that align with both LCS’s and Lett’s values in environmental responsibility.

We are excited for LCS and the students as they make Ross House and Parent House their homes.