Ryerson University Continuing Education

Lett Architects was the Design Architect for this seven-storey building housing the Continuing Education department at Ryerson University in Toronto. In order to be able to accommodate the needs of Continuing Education, Lett Architects developed a scheme that cantilevers a portion of the building over the Devonian Park, a key urban element of the campus. This was done so that the height restrictions of the site were not exceeded. In the winter when the park’s pond is used as a skating rink, skaters are able to skate under the building. Also of note is the preservation and reuse of the original O’Keefe Breweries office building facade in the new building.

This building has been designed to be multi-functional with 42 private offices, 84 workstations, a ground floor lounge, a two-storey multi-purpose room and a seventh floor corporate learning centre which will hold 200 for lectures and functions. The project was published in the February 2007 issue of Award Magazine.