Bing Thom Architects with Lett Architects short-listed for Canoe Museum Design Competition

August 24, 2015

Lett Architects is pleased to be teamed with the internationally-recognized firm of Bing Thom Architects of Vancouver, Hong Kong, and Washington in a limited design competition for the new Canadian Canoe Museum. Bing Thom’s studio is responsible for some of the world’s most recognized cultural facilities, such as the Arena Stage in Washington D.C.

To begin this project, the two Studios canoed up to and through the Trent canal system to the Peterborough Liftlock, where the new museum will be sited. Since this visit, the design has been developed and the sumbission was delivered to the Canoe Museum on August 11th. According to the Peterborough Examiner:

“The museum’s selection committee narrowed 90 submissions down to six, including a partnership between Vancouver firm Bing Thom and the Peterborough firm Lett Architects… The idea is to hold public meetings in either September or October, with the architects present, to show the plans to the public. The Canoe Museum will also post the proposed designs on its website.”

The contract is expected to be awarded sometime in the fall. Bing Thom’s website can be found here.